Friday, October 4, 2013

My Reply to The Blaze: Obama is 100% Red, White & Blue American Born (?)

@Mr. Root,
Your statement “I believe Obama is 100 percent American born” is pure HOGWASH! Both you and Mr. Beck continually spout this sort of garbage and you NEVER have a single fact to back up a SINGLE statement.

For example, to be 100% INDIAN you cannot be born to a father that is 100% Caucasian and your mom 100% Indian. Hence, if Mr. Soetoro (aka BHO) has a 100% American mother, and a father that is 100% foreign national how can you NOT lie when you say Soetoro is 100% American?

Even the 14th Amendment mandates a qualification that all citizens be either born in the United States, or be naturalized. If Mr. Soetoro was truly a US Citizen, it would be necessary for him to produce TWO bogus, photoshopped birth certificates like he has?

I have been in court for the last 2 years attempting to force Mr. Soetoro to produce legitimate documentation, but the Judges will not allow my case or any of the other 200-300 cases to proceed through the courts. The corrupt courts have disallowed any legal remedy regarding this matter AND EVERY CASE HAS BEEN DISMISSED without a fair hearing, discovery, nor subpoena power.

It is strange that you complain about all the lies that Mr. Soetoro has spread during his political career, yet you claim HE TELLS THE TRUTH about his undocumented birth in Hawaii? I admonish you and Mr. Beck to rethink the AMERICAN BIRTH lie that Soetoro has stunk up our landscape with.

Until Mr. Soetoro meets us in court and produces a legitimate U.S. Birth Certificate he will remain an illegal alien and needs to be deported back to Indonesia, or Kenya or the British Commonwealth where he is indeed presently a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN of! And as you know, Britain is a member of the Euro Union and that makes him a citizen of 27 countries of the world…. So with all of these citizenships that Mr. Soetoro possesses… how can he possibly be 100% AMERICAN?

Edward C. Noonan
Founder & National Committee Chairman:
American Resistance Party

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