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From: Robert Quinn
Date: 1-10-2013

May 8,2010
Fox NewsNew York City,New York
Att:Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly:

Dear Bill and Megyn:


I have termed this article a "trial" because I, and many others felt that when you aired this segment a short while ago your viewers were going to receive a dialogue on LTC Lakin's upcoming court-martial. Instead, we saw and heard a two-headed monologue denigrating every aspect of LTC Lakin's defense of conduct. I would like to respond to the most serious of your comments (recorded), trusting my words may induce you to rectify your unfair and unbalanced presentation.

Bill:"You can't have military saying 'I'll obey the orders I like'".

Response: LTC Lakin never said or implied such a thing. He obeyed all orders for 18 years, not just one's he 'liked'. Only when he began to realize that Obama may not have been eligible to seek the Presidency did he ask, in good conscience, for confirmation of Obama's authority. After waiting one year unsuccessfully for a responsible clarification he, on his own, stood up for Our Constitution. For that, you would knock him down!

Bill:"Why doesn't LTC Lakin just resign?

Response: Resigning would have been the safest way out but one doesn't receive a Bronze Star for "playing it safe". Also, by risking his career through a court-martial he may have considered this as the most viable manner of forcing Obama to satisfy this issue for everyone by producing the original Hawaiian Dept. of Health Birth Certificate, not the document he put on a website to pacify those questioning his eligibility.

Bill:"I think Lakin was trying to make a political point."

Response: LTC Lakin has given 18 years of service to the Army. Were his medals and promotions "political points"? NO. They were for defending Our Constitution and our Country. You dishonored the man with your comment.

Bill:"The 'birther' movement hasn't gathered any traction."

Response: Bill, the "Constitutional Defenders", who you so casually link together as "birthers", consists of thousands of participants(seen at rallies throughout the U.S.) protesting against Constitutional violations of all kinds. Traction? Their feet are solidly on the ground and they are moving forward relentlessly. Millions are witnessing this. I hope that you are not using the Major Media for information on this issue.

Megyn:"Lakin didn't go with any of the other lawyers who represented other "birthers".

Response: You may think that LTC Lakin would have been best served by a lawyer previously involved in a similar lawsuit but your future is not the one at stake. Also, you referred to LTC Lakin as a "birther". He is a "Constitutional Defender", challenging Obama's eligibility whether through his birth certificate, passport, school records, etc. Does that also make him a "Passporter"?

Megyn:"Some said Bush was illegitimate-their argument wasn't allowed".

Response: Presuming you were speaking about Florida's voting issue your comparison is not legitimate. Bush's eligibility to seek the Presidency was never an issue in question....Obama's eligibility was and is.

Bill (to Megyn):"Do you know how we proved Obama was born in USA? We got birth announcements in two papers-that's impossible (to falsify ?) because someone would have to know that they were going to fake Obama's birth because someday he's going to be President."

Response: That is a false statement. You did not prove Obama was born in the USA. You never saw his original Hawaiian birth certificate , which he refused to release to anyone. It seems two newspaper birth announcements became "Gospel" to you, when, in fact, birth announcements are simply public announcements that a baby was born. They do not provide any information about the child's citizenship, cannot be authenticated and hold no weight of evidence to support either side of the eligibility argument. Also, your sarcasm (implying Constitutional Defenders believe Obama's family faked a birth certificate in anticipation of his someday becoming President) is not worthy of you. Securing an American "naturalized" citizenship status for one's child would be highly prized for it bestows many benefits on the child with one major exception....only a "natural-born" status allows one to seek the Presidency of the U.S. (Constitution-article 2, Sec.1) Why have you not questioned why Obama, a Constitutional scholar, would pay over $2 million dollars in legal fees to prevent anyone from viewing the Hawaiian original birth certificate and deliberately post a "Certification of Live Birth(which is what you saw) on a website, passing it off as a supposed valid document establishing his Presidential eligibility?. Please do not insult me by saying that he did all this to distract Republicans from other issues.

Bill:"The papers only print birth announcements when the baby is born. You call them & tell them 'hey, the baby was born'. (Continuing) "He was born in the USA-you can't fake that."'

Response: Obviously, you are pinning your entire defense of Obama's eligibility on the newspapers.If my responses above cannot cause you to re-think your words I can only suggest prayer.

Megyn:"Maybe there were two Barack Obamas"

Response: Illogical sarcasm about such a grave issue does not become you, Megyn, and cheapens the dialogue.

Megyn:"Hawaiian Health officials said 'we've seen it''' (referring to the birth certificate)

Response: They acknowledged seeing a birth certificate but did not define it as a true "Certificate of Live Birth", showing the Hospital, Doctor, and witnesses names, certificate number, etc. Transparency by Obama could have well put this issue to rest yet he refuses to allow anyone (including Fox) to view the hospital copy. Clearly, the meaning of the word "transparency" is not seen by him.


Obama never offered to produce a "Certificate of Live Birth", which could have saved many lawsuits. In particular, he ignored the pending military action (since withdrawn) against Major Stefan Cook and the now-pending Court-Martial being prepared against LTC Lakin. Imagine, a Commander-in-Chief of our military refusing to assure them and others by providing a document which no one else in our Military has ever refused to provide.

Why didn't either of you mention Obama's refusal to release school records,etc. or which country issued a passport to him to go to Pakistan in 1981 or the active cases presently being heard in various courts on the eligibility issues?

Republicans know that any request by them ,of Obama, to satisfy LTC Lakin's request would be futile, but where was the voice of any Democrat?

Bill, you did not present a "fair and balanced" analysis. Both of you spent all your time criticizing or ridiculing LTC Lakin. Many people contacted me to voice their displeasure with your unfair treatment. Why not have him come on your show like you have done with so many others through the years?

Obama once said that the "Certification of Live Birth" which he posted on a website was a copy of the one which the Hawaiian Health Dept had. If true, that statement would mean he was never eligibile to seek the Presidency....and that he knew it. If, on the other hand, the Hawaiian copy was a true Certificate of Live Birth it could prove Obama eligible, leaving one unanswered question. Why did he spend over $2 million dollars to keep this a secret!


LTC Lakin is going to be court-martialed and Obama, who holds a "keep out of jail free" card refuses to produce it. Secrecy over Support. How inspiring this must be to our men and women in Service!

Very truly yours,

bsp; R. Quinn
New York
CC: Every member of The Supreme Court.
Everyone else I know


Even in a 'bad' year, you don't need the flu shot

By Dr. Mark Stengler

So it's officially a "bad" flu season -- one where more people are supposedly getting sick and more people will continue to get sick, at least according to the latest warning from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sound familiar? Of course it does. The CDC hits the panic button every year -- but it's never about spreading information.

It's about marketing.

Specifically, they're marketing flu shots -- because every single doom-and-gloom prediction from the CDC ends in a sales pitch: Get your flu shots, or else. But whether it's a "bad" year for flu or a good one, the dirty secret about the shot is that it doesn't actually help prevent it nearly as effectively as those ads appear to promise.

Forget the marketing and just look at the numbers. Between 1989 and 1997, the flu shot vaccination rate more than doubled among seniors, from 32 percent to 67 percent.

If the shot really worked, we should see fewer sick seniors during flu season -- and certainly fewer seniors fighting for their lives with the illness in hospitals, right?

Well, it turns out that hasn't happened. In fact, overall, the flu hospitalization rate among seniors actually rose between 1979 and 2001, according to one study.

Now, it's one thing to be merely ineffective. That's bad enough, especially for a shot being marketed aggressively with your tax dollars.

What makes the shot so much worse is that it may actually cause the very flu it's supposed to prevent. People who followed CDC orders and got the 2008-2009 seasonal flu shot, for example, actually had a higher risk of swine flu the following year.

And even if the shot doesn't cause the flu, the side effects can be just as bad -- including aches, low-grade fever, and more.

If that's what passes for flu "protection," you can count me out -- and that hasn't put me at risk. In fact, I never get the flu shot, I'm exposed to sick patients daily and yet I haven't had so much as a sniffle in years.

I'm not lucky. I just have a turbo-charged immune system -- and you can do the same thing for yourself with basic nutrients you can find in any vitamin shop or even most supermarkets.

Readers of my printed newsletter, Health Revelations, got the full scoop on natural flu prevention in my December 2012 issue. If you're not a subscriber yourself, it's not too late -- sign up today, and you'll get full access in my online archives.

One more note about flu shots: Most of them still contain thimerosal, a preservative that's made from mercury. It's a toxic heavy metal that has no business being inside the human body -- yet health officials want to keep pumping it into children.

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Radio Show Report of an "EVIL" California Federal Court Judge

January 7, 2013

Today I was on the TERRY LAKIN ACTION FUND RADIO SHOW. It was hosted by Marco Ciavolino. Marco sent out a promotional email which stated:

Monday, January 7, 2013: Eligibility:
It's Not Over Yet. The Three Ring Circus of the California Court

"This is a must listen show as we interview Ed Noonan and his story of the amazingly, astoundingly absurd court hearing he was given at recent trial in California. It is more evidence that the issue of Constitutional eligibility is a concern to the courts and their ongoing mockery of the issue is beyond comprehension."

And they continued, "Ed says, "In the hearing on the 3rd, the Federal Attorney said I did not have standing since I was not the GENERAL ELECTION candidate and only ran against Soetoro (aka BHO) in the Primary. The cesspool-bottom-feeder Judge England agreed with him and he said that since none of us were OBAMA VOTERS we came in SECOND and people who come in SECOND in an election have no right to challenge the winner of an election. I don't understand England's little tap-dance about this confusing new FEDERAL MANDATE but I guess people smarter than I can help me grasp this strange new-world concept.""



I must confess that this was the first radio interview I have had since I was interviewed by Fox News before the California Primary as a Presidential candidate in the American Independent Party. (Third Party candidates are ALWAYS ignored during the campaign cycle.) I have heard nothing from the news media before nor after the CA Presidential primary.

In this radio interview I attempted to explain what we were trying to do with the January 3th TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) hearing. I explained that we attempting to prevent the California Secretary of State (Debra Bowen) and the California Governor (Jerry Brown) from illegally certifying the Certificate of Ascertainment of an illegal alien. And this was because of the lack of proof of eligibility for a certain foreign Indonesian citizen named Barack (Barry) Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barack (Barry) Obama Soebarkah, (or whatever his name is). Mr. Soetoro has consistantly failed to prove that he is qualified to run for the U.S. Presidency nor prove he is eligible to hold the position of Commander-in-Chief. We asserted in the TRO that Soetoro was using a forged "short form" Hawaiian birth certificate, was using a forged "long form" birth certificate, was using a forged Selective Service certificate and was using a stolen Connecticut Social Security number (042-68-4425) as a proof of his citizenship. This shows no legitimacy and nor fitness for office.

The TRO also asked that the Electoral College, President of the Senate, and the entire U.S. Congress be forbidden to declare this illegal alien named Barry Soetoro to be certified as a qualified candidate in the State of California.

I charged on the radio show that Judge England failed to act in a professional and impartial manner. Instead, Chief Judge England acted as if he was Soetoro’s personal attorney and partisan defender.

I reported that Judge England can be quoted as saying that candidates who came in “SECOND” and lost to a winning candidate can have no place in his court. He agreed with the US Attorney who said that any Third Party candidate who won in the primary but only appeared on only ONE STATE BALLOT (me) (in California) could be discriminated against because such insignificant minorities do not count nor “have standing” and cannot complain even if they are forced to run against an illegal alien for the top office of the United States of Amerika.

In addition, the US Attorney claimed that there was no requirement for the US President to have a valid birth certificate and a valid selective service certificate and a valid Social Security number, that the US Constitution does not state that a president is supposed to have valid papers.

The judge nodded and told us Plaintiffs that indeed the US Constitution does not require the US President to have valid IDs.

My attorney, Orly Taitz responded to them saying that the US Constitution does not require the President to have a pulse either. There is nothing in the US Constitution saying that the U.S. President is supposed to have any brain activity, however it is common sense to believe or at least hope that the U.S. President would have a pulse and correspnding brain activity.

My attorney, Orly Taitz is quoted in the Sacramento Bee showing her response to the ridicule from the judge. She said, “Similarly the U.S. Constitution does not say that the birth certificate of the President should not be forged, however it is common sense to believe that if the President has to be a natural born citizen, he should have a valid birth certificate and not a computer generated forgery, that he would not be using a stolen Social Security number and a forged selective service certificate.”

You can read her entire statement to the Sacramento Bee at:

My conclusion of this whole case is that this so called “chief federal judge just threw out the law and made his decision based on his beliefs and agenda. Which is WRONG!

The petition for an Emergency Temporary Restraining Order was denied without a second thought from this corrupt federal judge. This hearing is now mingled with the other 300-500 ballot challenges that have been denied during the last four years. Not a single case has ever been heard, nor given subpoena power. No discovery has ever been allowed. Instead the cesspool-judges attempt to keep their judgeships so as to keep bringing in their monthly ill-gotten federal cash into their personal bank accounts. If a case ever is brought up as a fair hearing the United States would end. It would be a constitutional crises. No one would get their monthly government-dole-paychecks and the judges would be cutting their own throats…. So they all willingly allow the country to suffer and let a Muslim Marxist squat in the White House. Lucifer is proud of his judges in their fine black robes! Babylon is here and evil stalks our courts.

Edward C. Noonan
Founder & National Committee Chairman:
American Resistance Party