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From: Robert Quinn
Date: 1-10-2013

May 8,2010
Fox NewsNew York City,New York
Att:Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly:

Dear Bill and Megyn:


I have termed this article a "trial" because I, and many others felt that when you aired this segment a short while ago your viewers were going to receive a dialogue on LTC Lakin's upcoming court-martial. Instead, we saw and heard a two-headed monologue denigrating every aspect of LTC Lakin's defense of conduct. I would like to respond to the most serious of your comments (recorded), trusting my words may induce you to rectify your unfair and unbalanced presentation.

Bill:"You can't have military saying 'I'll obey the orders I like'".

Response: LTC Lakin never said or implied such a thing. He obeyed all orders for 18 years, not just one's he 'liked'. Only when he began to realize that Obama may not have been eligible to seek the Presidency did he ask, in good conscience, for confirmation of Obama's authority. After waiting one year unsuccessfully for a responsible clarification he, on his own, stood up for Our Constitution. For that, you would knock him down!

Bill:"Why doesn't LTC Lakin just resign?

Response: Resigning would have been the safest way out but one doesn't receive a Bronze Star for "playing it safe". Also, by risking his career through a court-martial he may have considered this as the most viable manner of forcing Obama to satisfy this issue for everyone by producing the original Hawaiian Dept. of Health Birth Certificate, not the document he put on a website to pacify those questioning his eligibility.

Bill:"I think Lakin was trying to make a political point."

Response: LTC Lakin has given 18 years of service to the Army. Were his medals and promotions "political points"? NO. They were for defending Our Constitution and our Country. You dishonored the man with your comment.

Bill:"The 'birther' movement hasn't gathered any traction."

Response: Bill, the "Constitutional Defenders", who you so casually link together as "birthers", consists of thousands of participants(seen at rallies throughout the U.S.) protesting against Constitutional violations of all kinds. Traction? Their feet are solidly on the ground and they are moving forward relentlessly. Millions are witnessing this. I hope that you are not using the Major Media for information on this issue.

Megyn:"Lakin didn't go with any of the other lawyers who represented other "birthers".

Response: You may think that LTC Lakin would have been best served by a lawyer previously involved in a similar lawsuit but your future is not the one at stake. Also, you referred to LTC Lakin as a "birther". He is a "Constitutional Defender", challenging Obama's eligibility whether through his birth certificate, passport, school records, etc. Does that also make him a "Passporter"?

Megyn:"Some said Bush was illegitimate-their argument wasn't allowed".

Response: Presuming you were speaking about Florida's voting issue your comparison is not legitimate. Bush's eligibility to seek the Presidency was never an issue in question....Obama's eligibility was and is.

Bill (to Megyn):"Do you know how we proved Obama was born in USA? We got birth announcements in two papers-that's impossible (to falsify ?) because someone would have to know that they were going to fake Obama's birth because someday he's going to be President."

Response: That is a false statement. You did not prove Obama was born in the USA. You never saw his original Hawaiian birth certificate , which he refused to release to anyone. It seems two newspaper birth announcements became "Gospel" to you, when, in fact, birth announcements are simply public announcements that a baby was born. They do not provide any information about the child's citizenship, cannot be authenticated and hold no weight of evidence to support either side of the eligibility argument. Also, your sarcasm (implying Constitutional Defenders believe Obama's family faked a birth certificate in anticipation of his someday becoming President) is not worthy of you. Securing an American "naturalized" citizenship status for one's child would be highly prized for it bestows many benefits on the child with one major exception....only a "natural-born" status allows one to seek the Presidency of the U.S. (Constitution-article 2, Sec.1) Why have you not questioned why Obama, a Constitutional scholar, would pay over $2 million dollars in legal fees to prevent anyone from viewing the Hawaiian original birth certificate and deliberately post a "Certification of Live Birth(which is what you saw) on a website, passing it off as a supposed valid document establishing his Presidential eligibility?. Please do not insult me by saying that he did all this to distract Republicans from other issues.

Bill:"The papers only print birth announcements when the baby is born. You call them & tell them 'hey, the baby was born'. (Continuing) "He was born in the USA-you can't fake that."'

Response: Obviously, you are pinning your entire defense of Obama's eligibility on the newspapers.If my responses above cannot cause you to re-think your words I can only suggest prayer.

Megyn:"Maybe there were two Barack Obamas"

Response: Illogical sarcasm about such a grave issue does not become you, Megyn, and cheapens the dialogue.

Megyn:"Hawaiian Health officials said 'we've seen it''' (referring to the birth certificate)

Response: They acknowledged seeing a birth certificate but did not define it as a true "Certificate of Live Birth", showing the Hospital, Doctor, and witnesses names, certificate number, etc. Transparency by Obama could have well put this issue to rest yet he refuses to allow anyone (including Fox) to view the hospital copy. Clearly, the meaning of the word "transparency" is not seen by him.


Obama never offered to produce a "Certificate of Live Birth", which could have saved many lawsuits. In particular, he ignored the pending military action (since withdrawn) against Major Stefan Cook and the now-pending Court-Martial being prepared against LTC Lakin. Imagine, a Commander-in-Chief of our military refusing to assure them and others by providing a document which no one else in our Military has ever refused to provide.

Why didn't either of you mention Obama's refusal to release school records,etc. or which country issued a passport to him to go to Pakistan in 1981 or the active cases presently being heard in various courts on the eligibility issues?

Republicans know that any request by them ,of Obama, to satisfy LTC Lakin's request would be futile, but where was the voice of any Democrat?

Bill, you did not present a "fair and balanced" analysis. Both of you spent all your time criticizing or ridiculing LTC Lakin. Many people contacted me to voice their displeasure with your unfair treatment. Why not have him come on your show like you have done with so many others through the years?

Obama once said that the "Certification of Live Birth" which he posted on a website was a copy of the one which the Hawaiian Health Dept had. If true, that statement would mean he was never eligibile to seek the Presidency....and that he knew it. If, on the other hand, the Hawaiian copy was a true Certificate of Live Birth it could prove Obama eligible, leaving one unanswered question. Why did he spend over $2 million dollars to keep this a secret!


LTC Lakin is going to be court-martialed and Obama, who holds a "keep out of jail free" card refuses to produce it. Secrecy over Support. How inspiring this must be to our men and women in Service!

Very truly yours,

bsp; R. Quinn
New York
CC: Every member of The Supreme Court.
Everyone else I know


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  1. What a pathetic excuse of a government we have. The whole idea of government is obsolete, out dated, and insulting. Who are these people who think they have "power" over others? A bunch of sociopsycopathic losers, leeches, and bottom feeders. People who can't get real jobs, or contribute to society, or, even do the "job" they were chosen for. An illegitimate crime syndicate is running this nation into the toilet. Harboring war criminals, assassinating people without due process, torture, attacking innocent countries, murdering children, this is what America has become, hated by the entire world, just like Nazi Germany, or the "terrorists" they made up.