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Supreme Court denies Noonan v. Bowen/Soetoro Petition

From the Desk of Edward C. Noonan – National Committee Chairman
American Resistance Party

Tony Dolz
to: "Edward C. Noonan"
date: Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 3:50 PM
subject: Ed, how confident do you feel? . . . Supreme Court of CA is set to rule any day

Hello Ed,

My thoughts are with you and the other plaintiffs. Will the case be heard on the merits this time, do you think? Is there still a possibility that the court will try to throw you off on standing?
What are the chances the Supreme Court will rule before the electoral college vote and inauguration?

Best wishes,



Supreme Court denies Noonan v. Bowen/Soetoro Petition for Writ of Mandate/Prohibition

Sacramento, CA – The corrupt California Supreme Court has proved once more that they care little for the rule of law and the Supremacy of the Constitution, and instead, make up “opinions” as they go along. The Supreme “bozos” denied a fair hearing on the Writ of Mandate of Petitioners Noonan, MacLeran, Judd and Orly Taitz regarding the illegal alien who had usurped the White House and seized the reins of the office of Commander-in-Chief.


This is the same court that violated their Constitutional oaths of office by ruling in a 2008 Pro-Sodomite case. In this other opinion, written by former Chief Justice Ronald George, they cited the court's 1948 decision in Perez v. Sharp that reversed the state's interracial marriages ban. The court found that "equal respect and dignity" of marriage is a "basic civil right" that cannot be withheld from sodomite couples, that sodomite sexual orientation is a protected class like race and gender, and that any classification or discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is subject to strict scrutiny under the Equal Protection Clause of the California State Constitution.

It is also the same court that has a close association to Mr. Soetoro (aka BHO). One of the Associate Justices, Goodwin Hon Liu (Chinese: 劉弘威; pinyin: Liú Hóngwēi) recently served on the education policy and agency review teams of the pResidential transition of Mr. Soetoro.

Liu had a former relationship with Mr. Soetoro. Wikipedia states of Mr. Liu, “On February 24, 2010, pResident Barack Obama nominated Liu to fill a vacancy on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.[2] For more than a year, Liu's nomination languished, amid significant opposition from Republicans in the U.S. Senate. On May 19, 2011, the Senate rejected cloture on Liu's nomination in a 52-43 vote,[3] and on May 25, 2011, Liu informed President Obama that he was withdrawing his name from consideration to the seat on the Ninth Circuit, telling the president that "With no possibility of an up-or-down vote on the horizon, my family and I have decided that it is time for us to regain the ability to make plans for the future."[4] On July 29, 2011, President Obama formally notified the Senate that he was withdrawing Liu's nomination for the 9th Circuit.”

On July 26, 2011, Governor Jerry Brown nominated Liu to a seat on the Supreme Court of California, succeeding Associate Justice Carlos R. Moreno.[6] He was sworn in on September 1, 2011.[7]

With the above in mind, one can see that our Court system is completely corrupt. I have had a long run-in with the corrupt judicial system.

I was a litigant in a 2003 CA Court of Appeal - Third Appellate District case, and have for a long time understood the corrupt nature of the California court system. In the California Elections code it stated that a “deputy voter registrar” could go anywhere in any county, to register people to vote. I was arrested at Albertson’s in Nevada City, CA registering people to vote. You can read about the case here:

The California Elections Code states: 2103 (b)It is also the intent of the Legislature that county elections officials, in order to promote and encourage voter registrations, shall enlist the support and cooperation of interested citizens and organizations, and shall deputize as registrars qualified citizens in such a way as to reach most effectively every resident of the county. The persons so deputized shall be permitted to register voters anywhere within the county, including at the places of residence of the persons to be registered, and the county elections official shall not deny deputy registrars the right to register voters anywhere in the county.

So the courts have a long history of not obeying the law, and not obeying the Constitution. Most Judges are thugs and opportunists. The denial of a fair hearing at the Supreme Court level is par for the course. The paperwork for this case was filed on December 4th and it was rejected two days later on December 6th. It does not sound like there is much honor nor integrity in this “Supreme Cesspool.” (These are just my personal opinions and my personal comments.)

Edward C. Noonan
American Resistance Party

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