Monday, December 10, 2012

Soetoro’s (aka BHO) Eligibility Case Going to Kennedy of the U.S. Supreme Court

By Plaintiff: Edward C. Noonan
National Chairman – American Resistance Party

The California Supreme Court last week refused to hear the case brought before it concerning the repeated accusation that Mr. Barry Soetoro (aka BHO) was not a U.S. Citizen. The lawsuit that was filed by Attorney Orly Taitz accused Mr. Soetoro of failing to provide documentation that he was born in the United States. Instead, in the past, Mr. Soetoro has provided bogus and forged birth certificates and placed those felonious frauds on the White House website. Since Mr. Soetoro has failed to provide valid citizenship documents, he is to be considered an illegal alien and not a valid U.S. Citizen.

The next step will be to appeal to the U.S. Supreme-Court-Cesspool. Our case will be submitted to pro-Sodomite Anthony Kennedy. The ungodly Justice Kennedy sided with the court's liberal wing on the two major sodomite-rights cases to date, Lawrence v. Texas and Romer v. Evans.

It is totally insane to believe that there can be any righteous and fair hearing to be received under the guardianship of the brain-dead sinner that Kennedy has proved himself to be.

(Above) pResident Soetoro with Supreme Court Justices Anthony Kennedy, Samuel Alito, and John Roberts before addressing a joint session of Congress, Washington, D.C., February 2009

And the photo above shows the Supreme Court Justices clapping for the Alien-in-Chief!

This is one of the SOBs that will refuse to judge our case? As far as I am concerned they all are ungodly collaborators of the evil one and all are spawns of the Soetoro-Serpent-Seed-goon-squad.

These are the same jackasses that refused to hear the eligibility matter in 2009 when it was brought before them. They deferred to the lower court’s ruling that the “Secretary of State” Debra Bowen had no duty to insure that elections were honest and fair and that qualified/eligible candidates were placed on the ballot.

And now, four years later, election fraud abounds! Not a single state can boast of fair and honest elections. Instead, the election process has become another cesspool for the DC slime-creatures to wallow in. And so the question remains on many Amerikan’s minds…”was the election stolen?”

There is no question in my mind that Supreme Cesspool Justice Kennedy will dismiss our lawsuit without a hearing, and disregarding our right to be heard as claimed by our DEAD U.S. Constitution. When the Bill of Rights declares that all people have a God-given (inalienable) right to “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances then the Supremes fail to fulfill their Constitutional duties.”

(Above) Here is Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of the United States, sleeping through Barack Obama's 2009 inaugural address. Even his pal Antonin Scalia had the decency to frown through the speech with his eyes open. Kennedy just looks brain-dead.

And for the next four years, the sleeping Supreme Cesspool has been unwake-able. The voices of millions of Amerikans have been unheard by the Supremes.

It is my opinion that these jackals will be asleep next month as well. Perhaps they all will be semi-awake at the private (press denied access) swearing in of Mr. Soetoro on January 20th, but I can assure you that they will all be asleep again during the January 21st illegal swearing in of the DE FACTO alien-in-chief Soetoro.

Of course, the American public will be asleep on January 21st as well. A “Peaceful” Civil Disobedience protest event is supposed to be slated during the illegal inauguration of the “Alien.” But I doubt that more than a hundred or so will turn out. There is very little chatter anywhere in Amerika about this event. I guess the morons of Amerika will be home cashing their welfare/social security checks! They just don’t give a rat’s patoot.

Since I cannot cough up the big bucks to head across the United States to be at the National event, I will organize a local event at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. So far, I have me and my wiener dog, Roxie. No one else cares to get involved. But I guess there is always hope. I have hopes that we can resurrect our dead Constitution by draining the D.C. cesspool, and then next we need to flush our California Capitol City toilet. Call me if you can break away from the porn on your computer.

In his Service,
Plaintiff: Edward C. Noonan
National Chairman – American Resistance Party

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