Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Urgent Appeal to State Assemblyman Logue

The Honorable Dan Logue
California State Assembly
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0001
December 12, 2012

Dear Mr. Logue:

I am writing to voice my urgent appeal to you to submit an Assembly Bill to prevent the unconstitutional forcing of Californians (aka Yuba County citizens) to purchase ObamaCare health insurance.

First of all, Mr. Soetoro (aka BHO) has failed to prove that he is a U.S. Citizen. He submitted two forged Birth Certificates to the citizens of the United States. He first did so in 2008 and then again April 27, 2011. The April document has been investigated by Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona and the Birth Certificate has been reported to be bogus. Hence, Mr. Soetoro cannot prove that he is a citizen of the U.S.

Mr. Soetoro has also provided a bogus/forged Selective Service registration card and he has formerly used multiple Social Security numbers. And he has never proved that he rebuked his Indonesian citizenship and regained his U.S. Citizenship. Instead, it is suspected that he went to college as a foreign student from the nation of Indonesia. Is he a U.S. Citizen? No he is NOT!

Presently I am a Plaintiff in a Sacramento Superior Court case (the case was unfairly denied a hearing) challenging Mr. Soetoro's placement on the 2012 ballot. I am also currently a plaintiff in a California appeal proceeding, which is now a U.S. Supreme Court filing on this same matter. All courts have denied my petition and have been dismissed without a fair hearing. Over 500 court cases (from fellow Amerikans) have been filed throughout Amerika and not a single judge has allowed discovery on the matter, nor have been given a fair hearing.

With this in mind, we need to challenge the ObamaCare thuggery. I urge you to submit this bill (shown below) immediately and help protect all of us voters in your district.


(s) Edward C. Noonan
2012 Founder – American Resistance Party
2012 National Chairman – American Resistance Party
2002 Winner – CA AIP Primary – Secretary of State
2006 Winner – CA AIP Primary – Governor
2010 Winner – CA AIP Primary – U.S. Senate
2012 Winner – CA AIP Primary – President 2012
2006-2008 State Party Chairman – American Independent Party

Yuba County Voter
937 N. Beale Rd Suite D
PMB 119
Marysville, CA 95901
(530) 777-3474



California Health Freedom Act.

(a) This section shall be known and may be cited as the "California Health Freedom Act."

(b) As used in this section:

(1) "Healthcare services" means any service, treatment, or provision of product for the care of physical or mental disease, illness, injury, defect or condition, or to otherwise maintain or improve physical or mental health, subject to all laws and rules regulating health service providers and products within this state;

(2) "Mode of securing" means to purchase directly or on credit or by trade, or to contract for third-party payment by insurance or other legal means authorized by the state, or to apply for or accept employer or government-sponsored healthcare benefits under such conditions as may legally be required as a condition of such benefits, or any combination of the same;

(3) "Penalty" means any civil or criminal fine, tax, salary or wage withholding, surcharge, fee or any other imposed consequence established by law or rule of a government or its subdivision or agency that is used to punish or discourage the exercise of rights protected under this chapter.

(c) (1) The power to require or regulate a person's choice in the mode of securing healthcare services, or to impose a penalty related thereto, is not found in the Constitution of the United States, and is therefore a power reserved to the people pursuant to the ninth amendment, and to the several states pursuant to the tenth amendment. This state hereby exercises its sovereign power to declare the public policy of this state regarding the right of all persons residing in this state in choosing the mode of securing healthcare services.

(2) It is declared that the public policy of this state, consistent with our constitutionally-recognized and inalienable right of liberty, is that every person within this state is and shall be free to choose or to decline to choose any mode of securing healthcare services without penalty or threat of penalty; provided, however, that this title and and any other such titles concerning requirements for healthcare coverage of children in child support cases shall not be altered in any manner by this section.

(3) It is declared that the public policy of this state, consistent with our constitutionally-recognized and inalienable right of liberty, is that every person within this state has the right to purchase health insurance or to refuse to purchase health insurance, unless purchase of health insurance is otherwise a condition of employment. The government may not interfere with a citizen's right to purchase health insurance or with a citizen's right to refuse to purchase health insurance. The government may not enact a law that would restrict these rights or that would impose a form of punishment for exercising either of these rights. Any law to the contrary shall be void ab initio.

(4) The policy stated in this section shall not be applied to impair any right of contract related to the provision of healthcare services to any person or group.
(d) No public official, employee, or agent of this state or any of its political subdivisions shall act to impose, collect, enforce, or effectuate any penalty in this state that violates the public policy set forth in this section.


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