Thursday, November 15, 2012

Is it time for ARMED “Crow-bar” Civil Disobedience?

By Edward C. Noonan
National Chairman – American Resistance Party

The internet claims the following:

"The 2013 Presidential Inauguration will be held in Washington DC on Monday, January 21, 2013. By law, the President must take his Oath of Office on January 20th before noon. Since the 20th falls on a Sunday, there will be a private ceremony on that date and the public ceremony will be held the following day. A week of festivities will include the Presidential Swearing in Ceremony, Inaugural Address, Inaugural Parade and a night of Inaugural Balls and galas honoring the elected President of the United States."

What is Amerika going to do about this travesty? Are we going to let this illegal alien be sworn in for a second term? Are we going to let this Commie-Gay-Muslim-Collaborator SOB dishonor the Sabbath Day by placing his hand upon the Quran and swearing to Allah that he will continue to tear down the U.S. Constitution? Well, I guess we are!

And you know what?... The dopey-man-sissies of Amerika will DO NOTHING, but will allow this all to happen! Not a single group of worthless, spineless, effeminate slaves will do a thing about it. Instead, they all will stand around with their heads buried up their rear-ends without lifting a finger to stop the evil that is happening before them.

The other day Attorney Larry Klayman issued a challenge for all concerned citizens to conduct “peaceful civil disobedience” on January 21st, 2013 at the swearing in upcoming ceremony of the Illegal Coward-in-Chief. The Obama Ballot Challenge placed Klayman’s challenge on their webpage.

This is what Klayman said, “It is now apparent that governmental functions have totally broken down; neither political party represents the American people and in effect we have no Republic. I propose that we all band together and organize civil disobedience to begin on inauguration day, January 21, 2013 in Washington, D.C.”

Then I made a comment on the Obama Ballot Challenge webpage stating:

Unless the plan is to band together and organize civil disobedience AND ATTEMPT TO PREVENT THE SWEARING IN OF THE RESIDENT-IN-CHIEF (for the 2nd time) on inauguration day (January 21, 2013 in Washington, D.C.) then any other sort of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE is worthless. But I fear no one will have the cojones to do any such thing!”

Then yesterday partially reprinted the OBAMA BALLOT CHALLENGE post (without permission and without credits) of the Obama Ballot Challenge, Larry Klayman, and myself. You can see the post at:

This new call for civil disobedience is not new. Mr. Klayman attempted such a movement on September 17, 2011 (Constitution Day). It was a dismal failure. See the 2011 event announcement at:

In this 2011 announcement Klayman stated:

"All of these entrenched Washington establishment politicians sold the country out in the last weeks when they agreed to a phony deficit reduction package, which they crowed about for days as if they had accomplished a 'Godly' feat, only to see that Standard and Poors and the financial markets saw through their deceitful and traitorous charade. Now the nation is in a downward nosedive, with disastrous ramifications not only for us but the world.

"All political persuasions must now unite for the good of nation, go to Washington and, Ghandi style, use 'civil disobedience' to have them removed. They cannot be removed through impeachment, since the establishment, right, left and center, will protect itself. Short of violent revolt, which I do not advocate, this is the only means to 'disinfest' our nation of these 'leaders' who are taking the nation down the primrose path of destruction. We cannot wait until the 2012 elections, as time is short as the nation sinks further into an abyss.

"I therefore call for all concerned Americans to join the 'Assault on Washington' beginning on September 17, 2011, and throughout the week. Fittingly, this is Constitution Week! Further announcements will be made to organize this.

"I welcome the participation of all persons and groups who peacefully want to now rid our nation of the Democrat and Republican self serving political leaders who are in the process of destroying our nation, before it is too late." Contact Larry Klayman through

I viewed some photos of the D.C. event and barely a couple hundred people showed up. At the same time I was touting a mass march on Washington with an ARMED movement. I told anyone that would listen to me that if we could get 100,000 or more people to sign on I would personally lead them. But not a single sissy in Amerika would stand at my side. The date of my march was 11-11-11. However, Klayman had the same idea and set his event for 9-17-11. His event fizzled and my event never got off the ground.

Klayman is attempting to organize this second “civil disobedience” event to be held Inauguration Day, January 21, 2013. I fear it will be as unsuccessful and “unattended” as the first one. But here is hoping (from me). However, Klayman’s “peaceful civil disobedience” that he is planning will have little consequence.

It would be more attention-getting if everyone organized in their own State and rallied in their State Capitol…carrying crow-bars, baseball bats or clubs. If those crow-bars were used on WINDOWS of State Capitols and Federal Building within ALL STATES the cost of window replacement throughout the United Socialist States of Amerika would cause attention worldwide. Over 650,000 citizens have signed a petition to “SECEDE FROM THE UNION” but how many would be willing to BUST A WINDOW TO RESURRECT THE U.S. CONSTITUTION AND RESURRECT OUR ONCE PROUD UNION? Not too many! But this is the only way to prevent the illegal alien from re-entering the White House for a second time.

So grab a crow-bar (the best), or baseball bat, or a tire iron, and let’s break some windows!

Edward C. Noonan
National Chairman – American Resistance Party

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